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XD3000 Extended-Duty Air Compressor

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The XD3000 extended-duty DC air compressor utilizes oil control piston rings, finned head and oil reservoir/PCV to significantly reduce oil discharge into the air supply, thereby reducing maintenance. This DC air compressor model also employs a commercial grade 12 VDC motor equipped with a cooling fan that dramatically extends run-time by reducing heat buildup in the motor.

The XD3000 compressor is basically identical to the XD4000 compressor, except without the fan to cool the head of the compressor. Without the fan, and XD3000 can run for up to one hour continuously at 100 psi, at 70 degrees ambient temperature. After the first hour of continuous run time, the duty cycle drops to 50%. For heavier duty applications, please consider the XD4000 compressors.

XD3000 air compressor works well for applications requiring medium-duty use.

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Item #

Nominal Operating Voltage

Current at Max Load (Amps)

Power at Max Load (Watts)

Duty Cycle @ 100 psi @ 70 deg

XD3000-12 12 Vdc 180 2160 100%
XD3000-24 24 Vdc 90 2160 100%
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 
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